Update: Facebook to Ban Foreign Political Ads

According to national news agency Ukrinform’s correspondent in New York, Facebook plans to ban political advertising coming from abroad during the presidential election campaigns in Ukraine. This measure marks one of Facebook’s steps to improve security conditions and limit foreign interference in the election process via social media. Facebook claims that it has come up with the relevant methodology, making it possible to differentiate which ads are coming from foreign countries.

“By political advertising, we mean advertising of politicians, political parties, mobilization of voters, and/or restraining them from voting. Party slogans and symbols will also be considered. We determine whether political advertising is coming from abroad based on analyses of the user’s activity, ads manager profile, or a page,” Facebook’s spokesperson told Ukrinform.

These limitations on political ads will enter into effect on February 1. Facebook has not confirmed how long this policy will be enforced and whether this measure will be used before the parliamentary elections that will take place in Ukraine later this year.