Ukrainian Public Opinion on Outside Influence: March 1-6

The survey was conducted by the Razumkov Centre’s Sociological Service in cooperation with the Democratic Initiatives Foundation from March 1-6, 2019. The sample consisted of 2,019 respondents aged 18 and over, in all regions of Ukraine except Crimea and occupied areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The sampling error does not exceed 2.3 percent.

This survey asked the participants to rate how strong certain outside influences will be on Ukraine’s upcoming presidential elections. Additionally, the participants were asked to say if they think certain outside influences will be positive, negative, hard to determine, or will have no influence. This survey offers insight into how Ukrainian citizens view certain international organizations and some foreign actors, which may prove useful in monitoring outside influences on the presidential elections.

These figures should not be interpreted as facts. They show people’s expectations based on and influenced by a number of factors: personal experience, information from different sources, general attitude toward states and organizations listed, etc. This data also reveals voters’ concern about external actors’ possible interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs. On the one hand, such awareness could make voters more attentive and resistant. On the other hand, there is a challenge that some players could try to question whether a newly elected president has won a fair election because of citizens’ choice–not due to interference of foreign actors.